History of the Langlands Program with Jim Arthur

In the video Professor James Arthur explains the historical figures on the poster of the Fields Medal Symposium. He talks about a graphical representation of the Fundamental Lemma. He also describes the work of each of mathematician on the poster. (from left to right) Hermann Weyl, Erich Hecke, Emil Artin, Atle Selberg, Harish-Chandra, Alexander Grothendieck, and Robert Langlands.

Professor James Arthur of the University of Toronto is Chair of the Organizing Committee of the inaugural Fields Medal Symposium. Arthur has helped to build the tools regularly used in the Langlands Program, in particular he strengthened the Selberg’s Trace Forumla into what is now commonly known as the Arthur-Selberg Forumla. I hope to sit with Jim again to ask him to go further into detail about his results.The magnitude of the implications of the conjectures of the Langlands Program in mathematics have been said to be on the same order as the Unifying Theory in theoretical physics.The inaugural Fields Medal Symposium will honour the research of Fields Medalist Ngo Bao Chau, who solved a Fundamental Problem in the Langlands Program. More specifically he found a proof for the Fundamental Lemma for Lie Algebras.

Check back for more posts about the Langlands program, the Symposium, and some musings about mathematics.

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