Day 4: October 3 of 2013.

Thursday October 2 was the fourth and last day of the Fields Medal Symposium. We had two lectures in the morning and two lectures in the afternoon. There was a stronger number-theoretical flavor in the lectures of this final day.

The speakers in the morning session were Yves Benoist and Tamar Ziegler. Benoist discussed equidistribution of orbits of irrational points in the torus. Ziegler gave a detailed account of the techniques involved in the current developments about simultaneous prime values of linear forms.

In the afternoon session the speakers were Hee Oh and Kannan Soundararajan. Oh discussed extensions of Ratner’s measure classification in the case of locally finite measures; this makes a crucial difference in the non-lattice case. The final lecture of the symposium was presented by Soundararajan, who gave a survey of conjectures and known results regarding estimates for central values and average size on the critial line of L-functions on families, and discussed some very new results in this subject.

The 2013 version of the Fields Medal Symposium was a total success. It was a unique oportunity for bringing the work of the Fields medalist Elon Lindenstrauss to the comunity (both specialists and non-specialists) and to get an accurate idea of what are the main problems and newest results in these matters.

If you were not able to attend the symposium, please don’t forget that video records of the lectures are available here. Enjoy.

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