The Fields Undergraduate Network is very excited to have this blog!

I have a large number of reports in preparation including: upcoming FUN events, FUN a year in review, Student Societies reports, University of Toronto math perspectives, Canadian math research perspectives, and CUMC coverage. I also have a number of interviews that I will transcribe and post, as well as a stock of photos from past events to which links will be posted here.

If you would like to be a reporter or organizer for the Fields Undergraduate Network, then please contact me at or Andrea Yeomans at ; You can submit cover/feature stories, photos, videos, math problems, etc.


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Founder and Main Organizer for the Fields Undergraduate Network Will be using this blog on a regular basis
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  1. James Colliander says:

    This is cool! I am happy to see that this page is emerging as a useful space for FUN discussion and activities. Thanks to all for building this network.

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