Interview: Maksym and Kostya

Maksym and Kostya in front of the Fields Institute

Maksym and Kostya in front of the Fields Institute

Two Fields-MITACS summer undergraduate research project participants from the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kostya Drach and Maksym Skoryk, have been in Toronto for just over two weeks. Even though it is their first time abroad they have adapted to their new settings very well. During their first week in Canada they bought bikes and explored the entire GTA in just a few days. They also get many chances to show off their proficiency in english.

Kostya and Maksym are the only students selected from a very highly competitive Ukrainian system but they remain modest about their achievement. In grade eleven, Kostya won a prize for the best presentation on the Closure Theorem at a country-wide conference. Maksym has been winning mathematical olympiads since grade six. It is no surprise that they were selected.

Kostya and Maksym are working on Symmetries of Euclidian Tesselations and Their Covers. It is too early to discuss where the project is going but they introduce the idea of the project in the following way: “Tessellations are a form of mosaic. The polytope mapped onto a torus from tessellation does not have to be a regular polytope and if it happens we can estimate the degree of unregularity counting the number of flag orbits.”

Kostya and Maksym noted that it is not completely clear how the work will be divided among the team members. They have never worked on a group research project and they are looking forward to more collaborative work.

Interview conducted by Mariya Boyko

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Fields-MITACS Undergraduate Summer Research Program 2011


Two weeks ago the undergraduate researchers began their research at the Fields Institute. They will continue working until the end of August and have already been meeting regularly with their supervisors. Each researcher is part of a group of undergraduate peers who are supervised by a team of research experts.

On the first day, the supervising researchers presented topics for students to choose from. Groups were formed on the basis of  ranking system in which students voted on their project choices.



Supervisors Project Presentations

Symmetries of Euclidean Tessellations and their Covers


Isabel Hubard, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Mark Mixer, Fields Institute

Daniel Pellicer, Fields Institute

Asia Weiss, York University


Model Theory of Operator Algebras


Ilijas Farah, York University

Bradd Hart, McMaster University




Constraint Satisfaction

Supervisors: Libor Barto, McMaster University

Matt Valeriote, McMaster University

Ross Willard, University of Waterloo


Mathematical Finance – Understanding Financial Crises


Matheus Grasselli, McMaster University

Oleksandr Romanko, Mitacs – McMaster University – Algorithmics Inc.





Combinatorial Rigidity And Graph Constructions


Tony Nixon, Fields Institute

Elissa Ross, Fields Institute




Study of the Development of Glaucoma


Irwin Pressman, Carleton University

Siv Sivologathan, University of Waterloo




For the official program information please follow the link below,


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