Interview: Vishal

Zero was invented by Indian mathematicians. Vishal discovered this fact in his youth and it became the driving force for his mathematical journey. It also provided him a way to explore his national pride. Vishal came to Canada from Trinidad two years ago and although he grew up in the Caribbean, he embraces his Indian ethnicity and his Hindu religion.

Maria Interviews Vishal

Maria Interviews Vishal

Prior to the program Vishal learned many software languages on his own. LaTeX and Maple are just a couple, however Vishal is constantly searching for ways to apply mathematical theory. He believes communication to be an essential ingredient for mathematicians, but notes that, “it depends on the problem whether it is better to solve it on your own or in a group”.

Glaucoma patients suffer from increased pressure in the eye, which can cause complete blindness. Patients cannot be cured and need regular medication. Vishal enjoys researching the bio-mechanics of glaucoma, mainly because of the utility of models. In particular, the group is exploring the behaviour of the eye fluid, its pressure, and movements using techniques from fluid mechanics. An implication of the model’s solution includes the determination of the underlying causes of glaucoma. This fundamental understanding will eventually lead to better medications and improved methods of treatment.

“Math is the base of all sciences”, says Vishal. This quote illustrates his perspective as both respectful and philosophical.

Interview conducted by Mariya Boyko

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  1. Revan says:

    I agree with Vishal. Maths is a language, Just like Classical Dance, Lattin, Sanskrit, actually all dance. English. Its the way and what we want to express. Good stuff, and productive interviews. Thanks to the Creators of this blog.

  2. Roop says:

    Excellent. Vishal is also Pundit (Chinmaya Mission) and a product of Amarjyoth Sabha Inc. (Trinidad), who helped to mold this young man.

  3. karishma says:

    Vishal is a very bright and intelligent student.Keep it up 🙂

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