Interview: Maximilian

Max is at the dawn of his mathematical career. He has already interacted with many professors, displaying optimism and enthusiastic personality. Max contemplates over the possibility to stay in academia and to teach at the university level. His views on teaching are fully formed. In particular, the teaching styles he enjoys most are those which exude a high subject proficiency. His favourite professors focus on conceptual knowledge and rigorous concepts.

He has just finished his second year at the University of Toronto, so he certainly has a lot of time to find his academic passion. Max is determined to learn new skills. Long before the second semester was over he started looking for various summer projects that would provide him with valuable research experience. The MITACS summer project looked like a perfect opportunity.

Max appreciates the diversity of mathematical abstraction. When asked to name his favourite field of math, Max admitted that the abundance of “very interesting topics make it hard to choose”.

Max is a member of the Symmetries of Euclidian Tesselations and Their Covers project supervised by Isabel Hubard, Mark Mixer, Daniel Pellicer and Asia Ivic Weiss.  There is a lot of independent work involved in this project. Max enjoys the ‘atmosphere’ of his office. It helps all the group members work productively. Max is studying the algebra of tessellations. Quotients of tessellations are another focus of his work. Such work demands a great deal of individual attention but he emphasizes that collaboration among colleagues is essential to be able to consider different views on the problem.

Interview conducted by Mariya Boyko

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