History of Mathematics at Delta Chelsea Hotel, December 9

Poster Made by Richard Cerezo

As part of the CMS Student Committee’s initiative to coordinate with FUN, we are hosting an event as part of the CMS Studc Fields Trip. We are planning a few morning activities while the CMS Studc is putting together the afternoon activities.

The morning session includes a short meet and greet with Professor Fraser and some of the other student attendants of the larger CMS Winter Meeting. Following this will be a short recap on all the events up to date held by FUN as well as some announcements of future directions.

Professor Fraser readily agreed to give a talk and answer questions about his talk on the History of Complex Analysis. Please review the abstract and consider the following references,

Helena Pycior, Symbols, Impossible Numbers, and Geometric Entanglements British Algebra
Through the Commentaries on Newton’s Universal Arithmetik (1997)

Ivo Schneider, “Der Mathematiker Abraham de Moivre (1667–1754)”, Archive for History of
Exact Sciences 5 (1968), pp. 177-317.

Hope to see you there!


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